Glacial Time Travel

•July 24, 2015 • Leave a Comment

I’m currently traveling to the future, with the help of a couple magnificent glaciers. (Translation: I’m on a 3-week reporting trip in Greenland and Iceland!)

In due time, my radio stories will air on PRI’s The World and my web videos will be published by NOVA.  My trip is supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

You can follow my Arctic adventure on Instagram.


Pitching Your Stories

•July 7, 2015 • Leave a Comment just published an essay of mine about how to pitch your story ideas to editors and shows — both within and beyond public radio. If you’ve got a few minutes, I encourage you to give it a read!


Rocks Aren’t Dumb

•June 2, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Videographer Amanda Kowalski and I produced a series of 4 videos in association with NNOCCI (National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Information), a collaborative effort to establish a national network of professionals who are skilled in communicating climate science to the public.

NOVA’s Evolution Lab!

•April 27, 2015 • Leave a Comment

What could you possibly have in common with a mushroom, or a dinosaur, or even a bacterium? More than you might think. In NOVA’s Evolution Lab, you’ll puzzle out the evolutionary relationships linking together a spectacular array of species. Explore the tree of life and get a front row seat to what some have called the greatest show on Earth.

Interested in telling others about the Lab? We’ve prepared a launch toolkit with a press release, Lab overview, and social media guide. So tweet and forward to your heart’s content, but most importantly, play!

A new kind of nuclear reactor?

•April 9, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Nuclear energy is fraught. What do you do with the spent radioactive fuel rods? What happens if there’s a meltdown? These worries have led many to write the whole thing off, and some to rebel against it. But a startup in Cambridge, Mass. thinks things can be different –- like, revolutionary different.

My story aired yesterday on Here & Now.

The Rules for the Black Birdwatcher

•March 2, 2015 • Leave a Comment

A 2-minute video featuring Clemson University ecologist Drew Lanham. Amanda Kowalski shot the video footage and I produced the film for BirdNote. We’ve got the video on Facebook as well — please share!

Are we witnessing the death of ‘uh’? Um, maybe — and not just in English

•February 13, 2015 • 1 Comment

We’ve have been peppering our speech with “um,” “uh” and other expressions of hesitation for a long time — maybe for as long as we’ve had language. More recently, linguists are noting a shift in usage across a number of Germanic languages from “uh” to “um.”

My story aired last week on PRI’s The World and the BBC News Magazine.


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