A Shetland postcard

Volker Deecke

Journey 80 miles to the north of northern Scotland to the Shetland Islands, and hear native Shetlanders describe their home.  The scents, the views, the land, the water.  Voices are layered, perspectives are echoed and contrasted, the sea and earth are hallowed.

Download audio here.


~ by Ari Daniel on January 23, 2009.

One Response to “A Shetland postcard”

  1. Hiyi Ari! How are you? I really like what you did with this!!! It’s a lovlely snapshot of Shetland. Thanks for portraying it in such a way.
    All is dark and wintery here at the moment. A very different Shetland to what you experienced. Signs of spring are increasingly evident though – hiprah! keep smiling! Love from Shetland, Helen x


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