Bryn Mawr

I went to Bryn Mawr College yesterday and had the opportunity to speak with the undergrads of the Science Student Summer Research Program. They were a cheerful, eager and energetic bunch. We talked about storytelling and figuring out your path in life. They also shared their research projects with me ranging from measuring lead levels in soils around the neighborhood to programming 3D representations of things called protobytes.

If you were at my talk yesterday and have a question or thought to share, please make use of this blog to do so! I look forward to continuing our chat!


~ by Ari Daniel on June 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bryn Mawr”

  1. I am on the faculty in psychology and was at your talk yesterday. It was great, I really enjoyed it! I worked at a local public radio station during the summer between college & grad school and have always been fascinated by the inner workings of public radio and science writing. It’s great to know someone who has had a foot in academics and another in science journalism, and I am bookmarking your site to recommend to students in the future.

    I left my e-mail on the sign-up sheet for your listserv, and will look forward to hearing more stories from you! Thanks again.


  2. Lauren +

    Thanks so much for writing, and for coming to my talk! What kind of work did you do at your local public radio station? Do you ever apply any of the skills you learned to your current work in psychology? Do you think there’s a psychology associated with people who do public radio!?

    I’m really glad you signed up for my mailing list. I’ve added you to it!

    Have a good rest of your weekend,


  3. Ari, thanks again for coming to visit! It was a pleasure having you here. I will be sure to pass along any questions I get about your presentation or about radio and communicating science to the public.


  4. Lynne +

    You’re welcome, and it was my pleasure to come visit. Yes, do pass along any questions that come your way. I’d be delighted to answer them. You can send them by way of the blog!

    ari 🙂


  5. Ari,
    I am one of the students from Bryn Mawr that was present at your talk. I really enjoyed it very much and since your presentation, I have begun listening to Radiolab shows everyday while I’m working in the lab. It’s really great to listen to, especially since I feel connected to the stories I hear as I’m conducting research of my own. The other day, I listened to the show entitled “Sperm” and a story of yours came up. I was so excited to hear your voice coming out of my computer, having spoken to you just a week before.
    I hope to hear more of your stories in the coming years. 🙂


  6. Sadie +

    Thanks so much for your email! Yes, Radio Lab is like dessert for the ears. I’m so glad you’re enjoying their stories. I listened to them a bunch during my graduate work and I still look forward to their material. It was nice to meet you at Bryn Mawr a couple of weeks ago, and please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions about radio, your path or anything else. I’ve added you to my email list (per your request) so I can alert you when I have pieces on the air.

    Thanks again!


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