In their 90s, working for more than just a paycheck

Rosa Finnegan, who is proudly '98 and a half,' never misses a day of work at Vita Needle. Finnegan says it is important for her to have a place to go when she wakes up, and she has found a community at her workplace.

Increasingly more Americans are working past the age of 65. At Vita Needle Co. in Needham, Mass., nearly half of the employees are senior citizens, some working in the factory even into their 90s. For the seniors, work gives them a sense of purpose. For the company, hiring seniors is good business.

This story aired on NPR this morning.


~ by Ari Daniel on November 1, 2010.

One Response to “In their 90s, working for more than just a paycheck”

  1. Wonderful item Ari! Right up my ally. I often remark to Marsha, my colleague, that one of our clients has to much time on her hand. (And therefor gets into trouble with staff. After all, that’ also a form of entertainment.)

    Hope you are well. Love,



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