Arsenic and old mice…made young

Watch my second appearance as a science correspondent on WGBH’s Greater Boston with Emily Rooney. This time: a bizarre form of life…in California, and making mice younger.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


~ by Ari Daniel on December 3, 2010.

20 Responses to “Arsenic and old mice…made young”

  1. Hey Ari…That’s really AWESOME!!!I just cannot believe it. You are the TV STAR now!!! Hah.. Yeah, it’s really a good way to spread out the science. But I do believe you can make it much more vivid and attractive in the coming future. Keep me posted then. Good luck for everything and take good care….Sammy

  2. Fantastic discussion of two complex and interesting stories. Great job.

  3. Great interview Ari — such a good explainer. I now get it!

  4. You’re a natural–great work!

  5. Ari: that was great!!! I loved it. Keep up the good work.
    Happy Holidays, Zlex.

  6. Presentation by Ari Daniel Shapiro was very thorough and said in such a way that a non science person could understand. Very interesting to hear some of the latest research.

  7. Nice 15 minutes fame on TV Ari! 🙂 You were very clear, thank you!

  8. Ari, you’re a TV/interviewer NATURAL! You rock!

  9. Ari you are so articulate – they sure do pack a lot in ! but you handle it really well, and it wasn’t rushed !

  10. Ari, this was such fun – I listened to it during lunch today. Hearing you explain what both sets of scientists were doing made me excited about science all over again. My favorite part, however, was definitely the moment when you referred to GFAJ-1 as “these little guys.” Classic Ari! 🙂

  11. Wonderful, such good, concise explanations! Beautifully done. Also, your distinctive voice came across so well. Congrats!

    The project I contacted you about in January has a scientific angle so I think you’ll be especially intrigued…. (teaser)

  12. This is so cool – looking and sounding good, Ari! I wish your hand gestures were a teeny bit more focused, but you’re a great explainer. Congrats!

  13. Hey Ari, very well done. You picked the 2 most significant recent science stories, and explained them really clearly. My only regret was when you said it would be possibly 10 more years before human trials of that rejuvenating treatment that works so well in mice. Some of us are on a tight schedule, you know!

  14. Looking good Ari. You are doing great. All the best.

  15. Ari, I thrilled for you and for all of the lucky viewers! Brian

  16. Fantastic job, Ari! I am so proud of you…thanks for making Brush grads look awesome!!! 🙂 I still remember you on the PAC stage doing your 10th grade monologue for STEP UP and now look….you’re on TV !!! You just never know where life will lead you!
    ~Mrs. Fearer

  17. Ari! Great job! I know this kind of thing is not easy at all. Your first appearance about planets and the Moon was really good, too! (Sorry I hadn’t gotten back to you about the star ship on time!) It’s nice to be able to see you, even just on videos 🙂 Looking forward to more!

  18. hey ari, just watched the show, you sounds so professional! good job!

  19. Ari- Fantastic job conveying the science for the public without taking the science out of it. I think TV is another good media for you. I’m curious about your prep. Do you know the questions she is going to ask you before hand? Thanks for sharing. Carrie

  20. Both stories are great additions to what’s taught in a high school biology class (and will pique the kiddos interest). Well done (as always). Can’t wait to show it at the start of next semester to bridge what we were talking about and where we’re going. Looking forward to more stories. Thank you. Katie

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