Stories are all around us. They’re in us. In fact, they are us.

Stories abound in science too. They rattle the test tubes, shake the particle accelerators, and froth up the ocean. Harness a story, and you can ride it right into someone’s mind and memory. You can help that person understand and appreciate the world in a different way. A lasting way.

I’m available to give presentations on the following topics:

  • Spinning up science stories.
  • I tell stories about science on the radio and with multimedia for a living. I’ll share why I do it, how I do it, and say something about how you can do it too. I’ve got some stories I’m eager to share with you, and I invite you to bring along one or two of your own.

  • Telling your story using audio.
  • This presentation is a more general version of ‘Spinning up science stories,’ looking at how to tell a story using audio and radio in a variety of arenas and disciplines. I offer a series of best practices and example stories and clips, ultimately empowering the audience with tools to do the storytelling themselves.

  • From recording whales to recording people: A scientist turned radio producer This presentation includes some of the content from above. In addition, I discuss my personal journey, explaining how my interest in science led me first into academics and then into radio.



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