science minutes

“Science minutes,” an idea developed by Atlantic Public Media, are short 60-90 second sound-rich portraits about scientists, their work, and its relevance to everyday life. Listening lets you peer into a microscope, glide across the sea floor, or climb into a volcano. Here are a bunch that I produced, which have aired on WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR station:

Hazel Sive: Biologist, MIT

Dale Joachim: Media Lab, MIT

Rich Pollack: Parasitologist, Harvard School of Public Health

Peter Slater: Biologist, University of St. Andrews

Lauren Mullineaux: Biologist, WHOI

Susan Parks: Researcher, Pennsylvania State University

David Patterson: Scientist, Marine Biological Laboratory

Debbie Steinberg: Marine Scientist, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Hugh Ducklow: Biological Oceanographer, Marine Biological Laboratory

Chris Martens: Marine Chemist, UNC-Chapel Hill

Oscar Schofield: Biological Oceanographer, Rutgers University

Amy Bower: Physical Oceanographer, WHOI

Peter Reddien: Biologist, MIT

Rudi Scheltema: Biologist, WHOI

Ken Sims: Geologist, WHOI

Sheri White: Deep Submergence Lab, WHOI


3 Responses to “science minutes”

  1. Ari, the second piece of music that you played in Hazel Sive’s segment is one of my favorite pieces of music. I really enjoyed that one! All of the music fit perfectly! I just wish it were your voice as the one who says “Another Science Minute”


  2. […] + Atlantic Public Media’s sonic IDs. + Atlantic Public Media’s science minutes. + Ari’s science minutes. […]


  3. Ari (or Meredith), do you have the title of the second music piece played in the last Hazel Sive segment? I’m obsessed with it!

    By the way, Ari, you won’t believe how many times I’ve listened to that Pink Floyd dancing embryos clip since I first heard it at your UC Davis talk last year! I often play it when I need something calming and uplifting, haha 🙂


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