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  1. I LOVED your story about doing Orca research that played on NPR today, Sunday, January 25. We hear about scientific research, but not about experience of being with these magnificent animals. I would love to hear similar stories about other animals and the spiritual side of being a scientist.

    What was the name of the Scottish music you played in that story. I loved it.


  2. Hello there!
    I find your activity extreamly interesting!!
    I have studied Natural Sciences in Italy, and in particular Scientific commuinication and education, in particular multimedia communication. And cetaceans are my passion! I would love to know more about what you do, and if there is any opportunity for me to do something too! Keep up the nice job!


  3. Ari;
    I’ve been following your work. So glad to see that you’ve done so well.Always knew you would. Believe it or not my 12 year old son wants to be you.
    Can’t wait until your next project.


  4. Ari, thank you for your incredibly entertaining and interesting talk yesterday at MBARI. You are certainly one of the most charismatic, sincere and hilarious speakers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in our seminar series. I particularly enjoyed hearing our colleague Chris Mah’s take on eating sea cucumbers as a kid. If you are ever interested on hearing about connections between mysticism, idolatry, Black Sabbath and the polymerase chain reaction please do not hesitate to contact me.


  5. Hi.
    I am a Casting Producer at Powderhouse Productions.
    I am interested in talking to you about a project I am working on that requires a host and I was given your name.
    Please e-mail me your contact to
    I can not seem to open the email option on the computer I am working on.


  6. Hi Ari, quite thrilled by the arctic tern film. I’d followed the blog and results since I use the same technology to track swifts from Europe to Southern Africa and back. Maybe not in the same league but my birds never land during the whole 9 month journey so tracking with half gram light loggers is the only solution. If you ever need a subject species. We have one 😉

    Keep up the good work, Lyndon


  7. […] bio | contact | publicity « ari daniel shapiroLinda Reams said this on March 11, 2010 at 2:35 pm. Ari, thank you for your incredibly entertaining and interesting talk yesterday at MBARI. You are certainly … […]


  8. Ari, I heard your piece today on hair testing to determine where someone had been – quite amazing. We are so proud to have known you “when” – and to be able to learn from you now! What a wonderfully accomplished man you have become. We will keep listening…best wishes to everyone!
    Marge (and Lee, Brian and Andy Jeremy)


  9. Hello Ari. I discovered your sounds of the Narwal and really like what you have recorded. It fits in nicely with something I have been trying to create with a song about Narwals. Peter


  10. Hello Daniel,

    I am a student of Marine Ecology and I would like to contact you by e-mail but I can’t do it through the link you provide. Is there any other way?

    My mail is:

    Thank you!


  11. […]  has a professional background in science: he trained gray seal pups (Halichoerus grypus) for his Master’s degree at the University of […]


  12. Ref um and uh article. What about er?


  13. I’d like to hear your series “One Species at a time,” but it’s no longer available, is it? How can this be rectified?


  14. Carol +

    Hello, and thanks for writing! Here is the series on PRX, and on EOL. Not sure if it’s podcast-able, though! But you should have access to the whole audio series at these links.



  15. Thanks! Now to learn how to make a playlisr. in order to hear them consecutively.


  16. Hi there! Thought you may be interested in the NASEM Communication Awards “call for nominations” for excellence in communicating/reporting science, medicine and/or engineering.


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