Killer whales

Volker Deecke

Here’s a story I worked on with producer Jay Allison.  In Jay’s words:

“This piece is an homage to Ari’s former profession — a gentle paean to the passion field biologists feel for their work, and, in this case, for whales.  It also confronts the quandary that plagues both journalists and biologists: What if your quarry doesn’t show up?  How do you still tell its story?”

It features as a New Show on, and will air this Sunday on Weekend Edition!

Download audio here.


~ by Ari Daniel on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Killer whales”

  1. awww…congratulations Ari on a report well done…and a ‘hats off’ to the orca’s!


  2. This is a really cool piece. I learned a lot!


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